Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A Unique Friendship

Once there was a mama eagle and a baby eagle who lived in an aerie high above the mountains. The baby eagle was only a few days old and demanded lots of food, which her mama eagle always brought. 

One day the baby eagle was hungry more than the usual and kept crying. Mama eagle brought her all sorts of food that she could lay her beak on, but the baby eagle was still hungry. Mama eagle again went for looking food and in the air caught a bee. 

Mama eagle gave that bee to baby eagle. On seeing the bee, baby eagle was very surprised and stopped crying, it wondered in amusement as what was this little creature with tiny wings?. The baby eagle asked mama eagle, “mother what’s this”? Mama eagle replied, “oh! that’s a bee. It collects pollen from flowers to make sweet, luscious honey.” Baby eagle exclaimed, “ah! What a wonderful creature, can I keep it as a friend?

Mama eagle was very surprised but she also understood that the baby eagle was feeling very lonely and needed a company. So, mama eagle agreed and thus, the bee’s life was saved and she became a truthful friend of the baby eagle.

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