Thursday, 20 August 2015

Gauri’s First “Main”……..

It was a misty, hazy cold morning, when the first snowflake fell. All the Gaddis were leaving with their sheep to the plains. At Haria’s household everybody was happy and sad. Sadness was because Haria was going and would be back after many months and happiness was because of the arrival of cute Gauri, the she- lamb.

Sita had packed hot Makki Rotis(corn bread) and jaggery for Haria. Haria packed up his things, picked up the stick and along with his sheep and two dogs (Heera and Panna) started for the plains with other Gaddis. All the women folk and elderly people sang songs for their well being and wished them good luck.

Bunty and Sitara waved good bye to their father and promised to take care of everyone at home. Soon, the Gaddis were gone and the village was quiet for a while. But, later in the evening everyone from the village gathered at a fireplace and prayed together and had a little feast, then everybody retired to their homes.

As soon as Bunty, Sitara and Sita entered their house they heard a feeble sound from the animal shed. It was the sound made by Gauri. Although earlier also she used to make sounds but they were almost inaudible and this time it was clearly heard.
All the three rushed to the animal shed and saw Gauri snuggling with her mother and bleating “main”………..such a sweet moment it was for Bunty and Sitara, they clapped in joy !

As it was almost sleeping time, Sita asked them to sleep and with a very happy heart Bunty and Sitara slept, waiting for tomorrow so that they could again hear the bleats of Gauri.

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  1. I've always admired those with the gift to write good short stories. You have that gift! thank-you for sharing.


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