Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Gauri,The Cutest and Whitest Lamb : An Introduction

At the foothills of Dhauldhar range there was a Gaddi village (Gaddi is a shepherd community of Himachal Pradesh, India) , where many Gaddi tribes lived with their sheep stock. During winters, Gaddis migrated to the plains with their stock and returned back in summer. All the gaddis lived in peace and harmony and helped each other in dire times.

In the same village lived a Gaddi by the name Haria. He had a wife named Sita and two children named Bunty (boy) and Sitara (girl).He was a hard working and god fearing person. He and his family used to tend their livestock lovingly. His livestock included many sheep, lambs, goats, a cow named Rani, a bull named Raja, a rabbit named Chinku, two dogs called Heera and Panna and a horse called Ramba.

One of the ewes of his herd was about to give birth. One night Sita heard a sound,she just woke up and saw that the ewe had given birth to a she – lamb. Everyone was so excited. The lamb’s beauty was marvellous, she had large blue eyes with big lashes, cute, innocent face and her colour was the whitest that anyone had ever seen. Bunty and Sitara hugged the lamb and started thinking of a name for her. Meanwhile, Sita took care of mother ewe. Soon, Bunty and Sitara came up with a name and decided to call the lamb “Gauri” as she was the whitest of all.

Winters were approaching and therefore all the gaddis including Haria were preparing to go down to the pastures with their flock.  Bunty and Sitara were so sad as they were about to part with Gauri, but Haria thought otherwise. Since, Gauri has been just a few days old, so he decided not to take Gauri and her mother with the flock .Bunty and Sitara were very happy and they looked forward to their adventures with Gauri.

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