Friday, 28 August 2015

Lesson Learnt

Once there were twin sisters named Chinky and Pinky. They were identical twins hence, everyone used to get confused on seeing them.  But the minute they spoke or behaved the difference was clearly visible between them. Chinky was shy, sweet natured girl while Pinky was ruthless and misbehaved and made fun of others.

One day an old man was on his way back home after getting water from the village well. Pinky saw this as an opportunity to create a mischief. She pretended to be Chinky and asked the old man if she could carry his pitcher. The old man was very pleased and allowed her to carry the pitcher. As soon as Pinky carried the pitcher she emptied it right in front of old man’s eyes and clapped happily saying that she was Pinky and wanted to have some fun. The old man was very annoyed and sad, but could do nothing. Pinky then ran away. The old man wondered how different these twin sisters were in their natures.

A few days passed and every other day there was always some sort of mischief on part of Pinky and everyone in the village was fed up with her. Whereas, Chinky was the gem in everyone’s eyes. The school holidays were over and it was time for all the children to go to school. As Chinky was down with fever she couldn’t go to school while Pinky was fine and started for school with other children.

On her  way she saw beautiful flowers and started collecting them and forgot about the school. Other children went to school and Pinky followed the trail of flowers down the valley and was lost. When she realized this, it was too late and she started crying. But no one heard her cries. She just could not find her way back home. At a distant she saw someone walking, she immediately ran to that person. He was the same old man, Pinky had made fun of. On seeing Pinky the old man ignored her and kept walking. Pinky then learnt her lesson. She apologized to him and promised that in future she would never ever make fun of anyone. The old man’s heart melted and he told Pinky to follow along and soon both of them reached their village.


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