Thursday, 10 September 2015

Garden Of Happiness

In the small city of Zevato, every year a competition was held, where citizens showcased the grandeur of their gardens. On that day, the mayor of the city along with other delegates used to visit every citizen’s garden and then at the end of the day declared the winner.

In the same city lived a poor couple with two kids. Though they were poor, but their hearts were rich with love, care and compassion. Their house was at the end of the city and all the poor people lived there. Rich people hardly wandered there.

On the day of the competition of “Best Garden”, the town was decorated very beautifully; everyone was in a jolly good mood. The mayor of the city and other delegates came in a car and started touring the city’s houses to see the gardens. As their caravan was moving ahead, suddenly the driver lost control over the car and surged in another direction. He tried to steer the car to avoid colliding with the rocks and made a jerky halt. As the car stopped everyone had a sigh of relief.

When the mayor and other delegates looked around they saw unfamiliar territory, they had never been to this side of the city. The houses were dilapidated. But contrary to the appearance of the houses, gardens in front of them were very beautiful. They had so many lovely flowers in every colour, different climbers were all around the garden, the leaves were fresh and green and reflected the glowing sun. The spectators were mesmerised. The mayor wondered how he could never ever come to this part of the city!

On hearing the commotion poor people came out of their houses and astonished to see such rich and important people in their yard. The mayor and other delegates were busy looking at the wonderful gardens. They unanimously decided that the gardens of these people were the best and declared them winners! The mayor apologised to the poor people and promised to make things better for them. The poor people were very happy and thanked the mayor.


  1. oh, I'm so glad this ended happily...and that's the great thing about flowers; they bloom their same beauty for everyone regardless of their status, rich or poor! that's because the things God creates are like that, no respecter of persons, right?

    Hope your day blooms beautifully!

  2. What a cool thing to create a sense of community. ANd to break down barriers between different sectors of the city. That picture up top is really cool.


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